Ford C-MAX Hybrid Aims to Dethrone the Prius

Rich DeMuro

7:13 AM EDT, September 19, 2012


In the ongoing battle of the hybrids vehicles, the Ford C-MAX may come in first as the most advanced model yet.

This hybrid will go 570 miles on one tank of gas, plus it is cheaper than the competition. Despite its funny name, Ford’s new C-MAX hybrid is an excellent new option for eco-friendly car buyers.

According to C-MAX Marketing Manager, Amy Machesney, “The C-MAX hybrid is an all new hybrid only vehicle line from Ford. It’s going to get 47 mpg in the city and on the highway.”

The C-MAX has advance lithium ion batteries which, combined with the power split hybrid architecture, gives Ford over 500 patents to bring the best fuel economy it can to its customers.

“[The C-Max] is all about fuel efficiency and performance and technology and versatility,” Machesney said.

The “C” represent compact, while the “MAX” represents everything else -- Mileage, Power and Versatility. If this car was an arrow, it would be aimed straight at the heart of the Prius, and not in that “cupid love” kind of way.

The C-MAX is also packed with features tech lovers can appreciate. There are microphones in the ceiling, a real power outlet, a place under the seats to hide personal gadgets and a parallel parking feature that is super simple to use.

Machesney said, “The C-MAX Hybrid is going to be a great choice for those who want a hybrid only line to make a statement but it’s also going to be a great choice for those that just want a great car that is fun to drive that gets great fuel economy.”

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