Battle Of The Voice Assistants

Rich DeMuro

10:46 AM EDT, July 27, 2012


It's always been a tech dream to control our gadgets using just our voice. Apple made it a reality with Siri, and now everyone else is playing catch up! While voice recognition has been around for ages, Siri made it so much more lifelike. Now Google and Samsung are both trying to one-up this digital assistant.

Interacting with robots used to be the lore of sci-fi. Today it's a reality for millions. Apple led the charge with Siri, now Google has upped the ante on Andriod devices and Samsung has introduced somethign called S-Voice.

So how do they differ? When asking what the weather is like outside, they all got the answer, just at slightly different times.

When asked 'show me directions to Starbucks, S Voice went right to GPS navigation, while Google and Siri clarify which one.

We asked how long is the George Washington Bridge, again they all get the answer, but Google presents it the nicest.

Creating ppointments in your calendar is another command we tried, Google just doesn't get it, while Siri and S-Voice immediately ask what time the appointment is.

S-Voice is unique in that it can open apps like Facebook, Google again doesn't understand and Siri can't do apps just yet, but the feature is coming later this year.

So who's best? Google unearths all kinds of information and presents answers both audibly and visually. Siri is best at back and forht banter, but her knowledge is limited. And S-Voice is best if you know the exact commands it can handle.

The trick to getting the right answer the first time is knowing how to frame your question. But in the future, they will get even better at answering vague questions.