A New Hub for Videos Online
There’s a new destination on the web to watch your favorite TV shows and popular viral clips. The new website even lets user schedule recordings on certain DVR systems with a single click.

It’s the perfect place to visit for people on-the-go like Tristan Pasterick from Cartoon Network’s new sketch comedy show, the “Incredible Crew.”

“TV is a huge part of my life,” Pasterick said. “Being in the business, you’re kind of expected to watch most shows.”

Pasterick is a U-verse subscriber and takes advantage of his system at home to record his favorite shows.

“I played around with a lot of different DVRs and I think the U-verse is actually pretty cool,” said Pasterick.

And now, with the U-verse website, he can watch his shows right from his laptop.

“We are taking video destination to the next level,” said AT&T Representative, Meredith Red. “Everyone can jump on uverse.com and enjoy tons of free videos, but our subscribers can enjoy premium videos as

Another new feature on the site is the ability to set your DVR schedule from virtually anywhere with an Internet connection.

“In one-click, you could see it, click it and it’s on your DVR,” said Red. “No muss, no fuss.”

To get more information visit uverse.com or check out RichOnTech.tv.