iPhone 5 Preview

Ever since its release in 2007, the iPhone has made an impact. Apple has released hit after hit with each version of the smartphone selling by the millions.

But, for the two years the design on the iPhone has stayed relativitly steady. And many are saying it due for a refresh.

So what can be expected on the new iPhone? A bigger screen, a faster processor, and 4G LTE are amongsted the most popular rumors. More likely, however, is that the popular smartphone will be shipping with updated operating system, iOS6, featuring turn by turn navigation and Facebook integration.

According to Barbra Dybwad Director of content at Tecca, the new features will make the iPhone, once again, the most popular phone on the market.

"The 4G, combined with the new processor, is going to make a very smooth experience," Dybwad said.

Good news for Apple, because the iPhone has some catching up to do. Today, competitors' phones are packed with cutting edge features, and Android even outsold iPhone four-to-one last quarter.

Despite the heavy competition, the iPhone is still the king when it comes to simple usability.

"If you want a phone that's just works the way you want it to work the iPhone is very reliable. Apple brings it's design aesthetic, it's very user friendly device," said to Dybwad.

Amongst the hype there is one new rumored feature that is concerning fans--a smaller dock connector. If the rumor is true fans will have to buy all new accessories or use an adaptor.

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