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Original air date: April 2, 2007

What's up with President Palmer?
He doesn't want to be in a wheelchair when he goes to the Cabinet meeting to decide if he's fit to be President, so he asks Dr. Welton to give him a shot of adrenaline. The doctor cautions that this will raise his blood pressure and so it's not the best idea. Palmer wants it anyways. He puts on a strong face for the Cabinet.

What's up with Gredenko?
He agrees to help CTU get Fayed in exchange for full amnesty and the promise that he won't get sent back to Russia.

What's up with Fayed?
He agrees to meet Gredenko at the Santa Monica Pier. He needs the information from Gredenko to inflict the most damage. His associate, Halil, wants to detonate the bombs now, before more obstacles come there way. Fayed tells him he'll be back and goes to meet Gredenko.

What's up with Jack?
Jack has Gredenko and is going to keep watch on him while he goes to meet Fayed at the Santa Monica pier. Jack says that he has no intention of honoring Gredenko's terms and that he doesn't trust him.

What's up with Nadia?
She tells Milo that they need to move past the accusations against her and the kiss to get through the day. Doyle calls her into his office. He says he has evidence that it was Milo's oversight that caused the security leak. Doyle asks her to update the security profiles on Milo's machine, then Milo will avoid embarrassment and won't be carted away by security. She reluctantly agrees.

What's up with Milo?
He can't stop thinking about Nadia. She lies and asks him to fix her system, while he's at her workstation, she checks for the security update for Doyle. He watches suspiciously while Nadia and Doyle keep meeting with each other.

What's up with Mike Doyle?
After Nadia updates Milo's computer with the security protocol that was missing, Mike deletes the log file. His reason: Doyle says Milo didn't make that mistake on purpose and he needs him on task at CTU to fight the terrorists. Then, he quotes the Koran to Nadia saying that Nadia's found her answer in her faith, but he's still looking for answers.

How does it all end up?Tom Lennox tells the Cabinet, that per the 25th Amendment, it's up to them to decide if the president is well enough to handle his job as commander-in-chief. Since it's largely a medical decision, they call in the President's surgeon, Dr. Welton. The doctor says the President's gravest danger has passed and that his cognitive functions are normal.

The doctor is dismissed and both the president and vice president's make their cases. The president says that to remove him from office would be a betrayal to the American people who voted him in. Vice President Daniels counters that the country is in a time of war and they need strong enough president who will defend the country.

After a 10 minute recess the Cabinet votes: it's a 7-7 tie. The Attorney General says while the 25th Amendment is vague, it's clear to him that it states a majority is needed for the vice president to assume power. Since there wasn't a majority, the president is still in charge.

Vice President Daniels raises another complaint, he says one vote is not valid. He says Karen Hayes resigned as National Security Advisor, and therefore wasn't a member of the Cabinet. Karen gets in his face saying that she sat in on a Cabinet meeting just one hour ago! The VP says that makes the vote 7-6.

President Palmer says he won't let Noah Daniels steal the presidency. Tom Lennox and the Attorney General both agree, this is a matter for the courts to decide. The Supreme Court will rule on the legitimacy of Karen's role as National Sercurity Advisor within the hour. Both the President and the VP have 10 minutes to prepare their arguments.

Sandra Palmer prepares he brother's argument. She says that VP Daniels's actions prove that Karen Hayes is still the National Security Advisor. He never objected to her reinstatement and he let her in on the Cabinet meeting. Meanwhile, VP Daniels meets with his assistant Lisa. She too thinks that the VP's actions prove the validity of Karen still being in the Cabinet. However, Lisa says she'll sign an affidavit that says he had told her he never had any intention of reinstating Karen Hayes as the National Security Advisor. Daniels points out that that would be perjury in front of the Supreme Court. Lisa says "the ends justify the means." VP Daniels agrees and tells her to do it.

Not so fast, VP. Tom Lennox had the room bugged and taped the whole thing. He plays back the damning evidence and reminds the VP that conspiracy to commit perjury is a federal offense. Lennox demands that the VP call off his bid for the 25th Amendment. The VP says he's just trying to do what's right for the country. "So am I, sir," says Tom Lennox.

The president gets word that Daniels withdrew his suit against him. He tells Karen to relay to the Cabinet memebers the he won't take any retaliatory actions against those who voted against him. Then, President Palmer calls in Dr. Welton again, despite the doctor's warnings that it will inflict vascular damage, he demands another shot of adrenaline.

Out on the field
CTU implants a tracker deep in Gredenko's arm. It's good for 15 miles. They also put a wire on Gredenko so they can hear his conversations. Gredenko heads to the pier and answers a ringing phone. Nobody is on the other end, but he gets a text message that tells him to go to Building J. Gredenko heads for the building while Jack follows at a distance.

Two of Fayed's men grab him and take him to Fayed. Upon entering the room, Gredenko makes a gesture telling Fayed not to say a word. He disconnects the wire. Fayed can't believe Gredenko led CTU to him, Gredenko said he had no choice. He says he has a plan that will allow them both to get away.

For a while, it looks as though Gredenko is not moving. Jack forces his way into the building and instead of finding Gredenko, he finds only his severed arm with the tracking device in it. Jack gives the order for Ryan and his tactical team to move in, cautioning: he wants Fayed alive.

Fayed and the one-armed Gredenko stumble into a bar where today's news about the terrorist attacks is playing. Gredenko tells the crowd that Fayed is the man on the news. The crowd converges on Fayed and beats him up while Gredenko slips out. Jack comes in and takes Fayed into custody.

Gredenko makes his way under the pier and passes out with the waves washing over him.

Back at the bunker
Having forced the VP to retract his suit against the president, Tom says the court has no need for the proceedings and orders them to be sealed and delivered to him. Karen visits Tom and calls a truce. They shake on it. She asks him if he has any idea why the VP changed his mind and Tom lies and says no. Karen knows he's not telling the truth, one of her aides saw Tom talking to the VP just before he changed his mind. Karen says that someday she'd like to hear the real story.

Suddenly, Tom gets a phone call. The president wants to go forward with the nuclear strike! Karen and Tom race to the conference room. Tom reminds the president that this is what he risked his life to stop. No, says President Palmer, "I risked my life to assert my authority." He doesn't want the VP thinking he was weak.

The admiral declares a successful launch off the U.S.S. Vickery....

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