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What's up with Jack?
The guards are unable to locate Numair and this poses a major problem, as Numair is a nuclear engineer who can build a bomb. Palmer contacts Jack telling Jack he wants him to head the search for Fayed. Jack is concerned that he's lost his ability to handle such an assignment and pleads with Curtis to accept Assad's help, because they need him to accomplish the mission.

What's up with Fayed?
Numair arrives at Fayed's safe house. He will be able to build the nuclear bomb as long as Ahmed delivers the component needed.

What's up with Ahmed?
Ray phones Ahmed saying he's got the component but he refuses to deliver it unless Ahmed releases his family. Ahmed releases Jillian warning her that Scott will be killed if she tries to call the police.

What's up with Sandra Palmer?
Sandra visits Walid at the detention center and he tells her that he overheard another detainee repeating an Arabic phrase that he's sure is related to terrorism. He tells Sandra the phrase and urges her to pass it along to the FBI.

What's up with Palmer?
Palmer meets with the Ambassador of a Middle Eastern country who confirms that Assad's plans for peace-talks and a cease-fire are legit. Palmer decides to make a formal agreement with Assad, absolving him from any past crimes as long as he works with them to defeat Fayed.

How does it all end up?
Jack suspects Curtis has a personal vendetta with Assad and has Chloe look up any past history. Chloe finds that when Curtis was serving in Desert Storm Assad's men ambushed his squad and beheaded two of his friends.

Jillian calls Ray who's waiting by a payphone. She's distraught that Ahmed may kill Scott and even though Ray has insisted that she not call the police, she calls them anyway. Her call gets to CTU and Buchanan patches her through to Jack. She tells him about the package her husband is delivering to Fayed and Jack and his team immediately head to her house, assuring Jillian they'll do everything possible to save Scott.

Meanwhile, Curtis is getting more and more agitated over Jack's cooperation with Assad.

Ray arrives at Fayed's safe house with the component. He begs Fayed to phone Ahmed and tell him to let Scott go. Fayed calls Ahmed and tells him he's finished and may join the others. But first he must kill Scott because he has learned too many details.

Scott expects Ahmed to let him go since Ray successfully delivered the package. Instead Ahmed orders Scott to get on his knees with his back to him. Just as he's about to kill Scott Jack and his team burst into the house. Scott ducks safely away from the bullets just as Ahmed is hit. Jack wants to keep Ahmed alive so they can get information from him. Scott remembers the address Ahmed gave to Ray and tells Jack. Jack immediately has a team head over to Fayed's safe house.

Curtis is furious that Assad is receiving a full pardon from the president. He goes outside, grabs Assad and holds a gun to his head, yelling to Jack that he can't keep Assad alive. Jack begs Curtis to let Assad go, and points his own gun at Curtis. Curtis says, "I can't let this animal live." Just as Curtis is about to shoot Assad Jack shoots Curtis in the neck, killing him.

Jack is beside himself that he's killed Curtis. He's stumbles away, throws up and falls to his knees. Buchanan phones and Jack says to tell Palmer he's sorry but that he can't do this anymore.

Meanwhile, Numair has completed the nuclear bomb as the CTU team is moving in. One of Fayed's men spots the police and Fayed orders Numair to detonate the bomb. Jack looks up and sees a huge mushroom cloud in the not-so-far-off distance.

As CTU and the White House watch in horror as the satellite screen reflects the explosion, Milo gets the phrase from the FBI that Walid overheard. Nadia translates it to meaning "five visitors." They can assume that there will be four more nuclear attacks.

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