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What's up with Jack?
Jack & Assad are in a car trailing Masheer, the terrorist from the subway. Jack tries convincing Assad that they need to let CTU in to help them. Assad is distrustful, not wanting to work with the U.S. government. He concedes after Jack tells him that he already is.

What's up with President Palmer?
Fayed has phoned him and demands that he release 100 enemy combatants that are being detained, by the end of the hour. After being deceived by Fayed once already, Palmer is reluctant to follow his demands but sees no other way to avert more terror attacks.

What's up with Ahmed?
Ahmed takes Scott back to his house and holds the Wallace family at gunpoint, forcing Jillian (Scott's mother) to treat his wounds. He orders Ray (Scott's father) to deliver the package he's supposed to get to Fayed or else he'll kill Jillian and Scott.

What's up with Sandra Palmer?
Palmer orders his sister to be released. Sandra feels horribly guilty that Walid is still being detained, but Palmer won't release him saying that if Walid is innocent of terrorism he has nothing to worry about.

How does it all end up?
Jack hops out of the car with Assad and steals another one. He cuts off Masheer and gets out of the car, pretending to be filled with road rage. Assad pretends to be a helpful pedestrian by offering to Masheer (who's car is totaled) to his destination. He dials Jack on his cell phone and leaves it on so Jack and CTU can listen to any conversation that takes place. From Masheer's directions, they are able to determine where Assad and Masheer are headed.

Meanwhile, Palmer is banking on the fact that Jack will lead them to Fayed before the release of the prisoners is complete.

Curtis picks Jack up. As they drive Curtis, asks Jack how he can work with Assad, a known terrorist. Curtis is obviously hostile toward and against working with Assad.

While being held in the detention center, Walid intervenes when he witnesses another detainee being harassed by the guards. The guard whacks Walid with his baton and orders him to be interrogated.

Assad drops Masheer off and Chloe looks at every building within a mile radius. Jack and Curtis meet up with Assad. Curtis immediately has his men detain Assad. Jack assures Assad that he'll take care of everything.

Chloe tracks Masheer arriving at a self-storage facility. He opens a storage locker revealing crates full of ammunition. Masheer sees police and shots are fired. Masheer throws a grenade killing himself and destroying the evidence in the locker.

Buchanan tells Palmer that Fayed has not been found yet. Palmer has no choice but to continue with the release of the prisoners.

Meanwhile, Ray arrives at an electronics store with Ahmed's box. He gives the electronics store guy Ahmed's box, which is filled with money. The guy says the component cost more than he expected and he needs an extra $50,000. Ray phones Ahmed who tells him to do whatever necessary in order to get the component. Ray tells the guy he'll get the money but that he needs to see the component first. When the guy shows it to him Ray bashes him over the head. The two struggle and Ray in desperation to save his family, proceeds to smash the electronic man's head into the floor killing him.

Chloe was able to recover some information from a laptop found at the storage facility. She sends Jack a picture of the component that Ray just retrieved for Ahmed. Assad recognizes it as a nuclear detonator. At that point Curtis attacks Assad in fury. Jack pulls Curtis off Assad.

Nadia at CTU notes that on the file Chloe recovered is a reference to a "suitcase nuke." She knows that one suitcase nuke has gone missing after it was sent to a scientist thought to have ties to a known terrorist named Numair. Chloe locates Numair. He is one of the prisoners being released by Palmer. Assad realizes that the reason Fayed wanted the prisoners released was to free Numair.

Buchanan tries warning Palmer to halt releasing the prisoners. Palmer has guards on the plane holding the prisoners look for Numair. He's nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, on the bus that transported the prisoners, a double agent guard opens the bathroom door where Numair is crouching and tells him to hurry up because Fayed is waiting for him.

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