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Original air date: February 5

What's up with Jack?
Graem has his men take Jack and Phillip to a cement plant where they are brought over to a big trench and told to get on their knees. Phillip refuses and he and Jack are able to disarm the men, with Phillip killing them both. Jack phones CTU and tells them to get a team over to Graem's house along with an interrogation (aka torture) kit.

What's up at the White House?
With Karen out of the way, Lennox approaches Palmer with his plans for a new administration that would ultimately eliminate many of the Constitution's liberties. Lennox urges Palmer to rethink his decision to not sign his plan because now that Fayed has detonated a nuclear bomb, the situation calls for serious actions. Palmer calls for a cabinet meeting which leads Lennox to believe he's going to sign his plan.

What's up with McCarthy?
In a hotel room using his laptop McCarthy phones Fayed and tells him he's found somebody with the necessary skills to set up a trigger for the remaining nuclear bombs. He sends Fayed a photo of the person and tells him that he'll need to be "coerced" into cooperating.

What's up at CTU?
CTU has intercepted McCarthy's call to Fayed, so they know McCarthy has found and will be delivering an unknown person to Fayed. Morris begins working to decipher the highly corrupted photo of that person.

What's up with Sandra Palmer and Walid?
Walid is badly beaten and in the hospital. President Palmer calls Sandra to offer his condolences. Sandra expresses how wrong and unconstitutional setting up detention centers for Muslim Americans is.

How does it all end up?
Jack and Phillip arrive at Graem's house where a CTU team is waiting. The team bursts into the house and immediately detain Graem. Jack tells Graem's wife, Marilyn, about Graem's involvement with the nuclear bombs. She's not surprised. Marilyn and her son, Josh are transported to CTU.

Jack has Graem tied to a chair and has Burke administer an intensely painful serum into his arm. Jack demands that Graem tell him where McCarthy is, but Graem claims over and over that he doesn't know. As Jack continues having the serum administered he begs Graem to tell so he can stop tormenting him. In agony Graem confesses that he was responsible for having President David Palmer assassinated, as well as the deaths of Michelle Dessler and Tony Almeida. He tells Jack that today wasn't the first time he tried to have him killed.

Stunned and hurt Jack explodes in anger. He points a gun at Graem and orders Burke to administer more serum, knowing it will kill him. Burke calls in for help and Jack stops when he looks up and sees Phillip standing there. Afterward, Jack talks to Phillip who's visibly shaken.

Meanwhile, Milo informs Chloe that he just got word that Morris' brother was exposed to radiation in the nuclear blast and is in critical condition. Chloe tells Morris and Morris wants to walk out and go to his brother. Chloe convinces him to stay long enough to finish decrypting the photo of the person McCarthy is getting for Fayed. As soon as the photo begins to clear up, Morris leaves to be with his brother, telling Milo the photo should be decipherable in 2 minutes.

Lennox phones Vice President Daniels who's on Air Force Two. Daniels congratulates Lennox on his success with convincing Palmer to sign his plan saying he didn't think Palmer could stomach such a thing. Palmer walks in and begins the cabinet meeting. He shocks everyone when he says he stands by his decision to not implement Lennox's plan. Lennox asks for Palmer to give others a chance to speak but Palmer refuses. Daniels, who's listening in via speaker phone looks perturbed.

At CTU the image Morris decrypted becomes clear. Everybody is stunned when it's Morris' photo on the screen. Chloe calls Morris who's already en route to the hospital to see about his brother. Jack (who's been called by Buchanan) urgently tells Morris that he's been set up, that it's his photo that turned up and that he needs to return to CTU immediately. As Morris begins turning around he's stopped by McCarthy who holds a gun to his head and orders Morris into his car.

Back at Graem's mansion Phillip asks for a minute alone with Graem before he's taken to CTU for more questioning. He tells Graem that he's done well and Graem is proud that he's able to take anything Jack can give him. He assures Phillip that he loves him and he'll never betray him. He promises that he won't give Jack any information. Phillip is concerned that Graem will break under more pressure. Phillip tells Graem he loves him and apologizes as he fills Graem's IV full of the serum. He covers Graem's mouth until Graem stops convulsing and dies. Then Phillip calls in for help claiming his son just had a seizure.

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