Roy Hibbert on the eve of the NBA draft
Roy Hibbert was greeted by chants of "Roy Roy Roy" at a local HH Gregg on Wednesday. Hibbert met and signed autographs for fans and posed for pictures as well. 
The Pacers center is known as one of the more fan friendly players in Indianapolis. He seemed to genuinely enjoy his time meeting fans and getting in a quick conversation. Hibbert continually exhibits a positive, fan friendly attitude that has made him one of the most popular players currently on Indiana's roster. 
One reason fans respond so well to Hibbert is his creation of the Area 55 club. Hibbert holds tryouts to try and find the loudest and craziest fans. He purchases 55 club level season tickets and gives them to the fans that are most inspiring during tryouts. Those tryouts were held yesterday and Hibbert personally called every winner. The creation of promotions like the Area 55 club and having players that truly care about fans is the best way for the Pacers to connect with the community.
Tomorrow is the NBA Draft and the big center is excited to see who his new teammate will be. 
"I'm looking for us to add another good piece; I'm not sure what Larry is going to do with the pick," said Hibbert. He admitted to wondering what it would be like to have the Pacers draft Jimmer Fredette and see Indianapolis swept up in Jimmermania. In the end Hibbert and his teammates can only hope to add a player who is willing to work as hard as possible to improve the team.
"We feel like there are certain pieces we could add to our bench, but I think we have very capable guys on the team right now," he said. "Whoever [Bird] adds in, we are going to welcome him with open arms."
The draft will take place at 7 p.m. eastern time with the Pacers holding the 15th pick. 
Rumors have swirled the last couple of days involving Hibbert being the centerpiece of a trade to the Minnesota Timberwolves for the second pick. Larry Bird immediately shot those rumors down saying, "We're not doing that."