Andrew Luck's first news conference as a member of the Indianapolis Colts
Owner & CEO Jim Irsay
Opening Statement:
“We are excited to be here and to have Andrew (Luck) here and his family. It was a whirlwind for them in New York and they just got in about two hours ago. So I couldn’t be more excited. I think that we were really blessed as a franchise to have such a player and such a person. All of the things that Andrew brings to Indianapolis and to the Colts are really special. I think when I was doing the interview process and talked to some of the top personnel people in the league for our general manager position, the comment you always got from them was, ‘He is the best player I’ve scouted in 25 years. He is the top prospect I’ve graded in 20 years.’ That sort of reputation of greatness has followed Andrew around, and he’s handled it with so much humility. He probably doesn’t even like me saying that up here now, but it is true. We are really fortunate as a franchise to have him. We are really excited about this new era, and we look forward to doing great things as we go forward in this decade. So I’m going to introduce Andrew and he will say a few words and then we will do questions.”
Quarterback Andrew Luck
Opening Statement:
“It is great to be here and I couldn’t be more excited. A chance to play for a franchise like the Colts really is a dream come true. (It is) a chance to represent a city and to be a part of a football team. Being in Indianapolis, I couldn’t be more excited.”
On whether he has had an opportunity to exhale:
“I tried. It was very nice, Mr. Irsay let me fly on his plane with my family over here, so that was a nice relaxing moment.”
On walking into Lucas Oil Stadium with all of the wins that have come in this building over the past few years:
“It is very special. There is such a great history of winning. It is great to be a part of that now, and to try to keep that level of consistent winning. I know that I will work my butt off to try and make sure that the team is in a position to win as many games as it can. I can’t wait to get with the guys and really start forging that path.”
On whether he has had the opportunity to let it all set in:
“Not really. Like I said, the flight over here was probably the most relaxing time I’ve had in a while.”
On the challenge that lies ahead: