Their paths to the NBA were similar, but different in so many ways.

For Eric Gordon, his time playing IU basketball was short and sweet. One and done. Off to the NBA he went.

It took him just one season as a freshman to rewrite record books. One of his biggest accomplishments was becoming the first freshman to average more than 20 points per game. His 669 total points broke IU and Big Ten freshman records.

The list could go on.

That lone season impressed enough people to land him the seventh overall pick in the 2008 NBA Draft, sending him to the Los Angeles Clippers, a team he still is a part of.

For DJ White, his career at IU lasted much longer. Four years in fact. White walked away from IU ranked 16th in scoring history with 1,447  points and tied for ninth in career rebounding with 748. A much longer, more rugged path to the NBA that landed him on the Oklahoma City Thunder, who dealt him to the Charlotte Bobcats this past season.

Despite their different paths, they can still reflect on their one season together at IU, and when they were placed on the same team Tuesday night at the Indy Pro Am summer league, it was just like the old days.

"It feels great to reunite, me and (Gordon) have similar goals in mind, so it's good working with him for the summer times and to get better together." said White before his team took the court in the Pro Am.

Although White and Gordon are busy with their own careers, White said he and Gordon always find time to work out together during the summer to push each other, to make each other better.

With the NBA lockout still in affect, and no end anywhere in sight, the questions have swirled around the league about which players will travel overseas to play?

Both Gordon and White admitted the thought of playing overseas has crossed their minds, but neither is ready to make a decision, especially this early into the NBA Lockout.

"Yeah, you think about it from time to time," Gordon said on traveling overseas. "You never know how long the lockout is going to be."

Gordon said the chances of him leaving the US to play ball is very slim, but he wasn't going to rule it out. He made it obvious the NBA is his main focus, nothing else.

"It's part of the business. Right now I try not to think too much about it. We're still a long ways away from a deal," White said. "I'm going to prepare like we're going into training camp in October, so hopefully we do and I'll be ready."

Both Gordon and White are three years into their NBA careers, and both are still searching for their place in a league that may not even be here a year from now.

 So, for now, they're back here in the Hoosier state. Playing on the same team, giving each other high fives after every made basket, just like the good ol' days.