Pigskin Preview: Goshen Redskins

High school football teams all around Northern Indiana will start the season this Friday night.

When Goshen runs out on to the field for the first time this season, it'll be under the direction of a new head coach.

Mike Cheviron has spent the last 15 years as a head coach in Fort Wayne, but he says Goshen is one of the better jobs in the state.

And he can't wait to make the Redskins into one of the better programs in the state.

"My first impression is these guys are a very disciplined group," Cheviron said. "They know football. They really do. They really appreciate the game and they know the tradition that we've had at Goshen. One of the things I want for us is some real excitement, and to get after it. That was not my first thought, and we're getting that way. And I want it to be that way."