Former New York Jets running back Curtis Martin spoke to reporters via conference call about being a 2011 Football Hall of Fame finalist. It is his first time on the ballot. Martin joins five first-year eligible players including Marshall Faulk and Deion Sanders and is one of 15 modern-era finalists.

Martin is the fourth all-time leading NFL rusher, amassing 14,401 yards in his 12-year career. He went to the Pro Bowl five times, was an All-Pro twice but never won a championship. The former running back admits his most memorable career moment was the disappointing loss in the AFC Championship Game against the Denver Broncos in 1998. Martin called it a "lost opportunity" because it was "really our year".

The 37-year old stays in shape by boxing and even went 17 rounds recently. He thanked his fans, the Jets former and current owners, and former Jets head coach Bill Parcells who he credits for getting him to say "yes" when the Jets signed him as a restricted free agent in 1997. Martin admits he did not want to come to the Jets initially. Martin announced that Parcells will present him if he makes it into the Hall of Fame. Finalists need 80% of eligible votes to be elected into hall at Canton, Ohio. The announcement will be made on Saturday night.

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