Braylon Edwards No Stranger To Traffic Violations
Bad boy wide receiver Braylon Edwards is knee deep in legal trouble after a DWI arrest Tuesday morning, but long before blowing a .16 breathalyzer, his driving record was a mess.

Records from Michigan show the "lead foot" athlete has been pulled over for speeding 7 times in the last 8 years. Among the worst offenses were a 2005 ticket for doing 61 in a 30 mph zone and another for doing 97 in a 65 mph zone later that year.

Edwards is also on probation after he allegedly punched a friend of Lebron James outside a Cleveland nightclub. It is likely the circumstances surrounding the Manhattan DWI arrest will violate the terms of the Cleveland probation, which could amplify the legal consequences for Edwards.

The Jets wide-out was stopped by an NYPD squad around 5 am because his 2007 Land Rover had excessively tinted windows. When officers smelled alcohol they administered a sobriety test and found the athlete was driving with twice the legal limit of alcohol in his blood.

Peter Frankel, an attorney representing Edwards, said he was unprepared to comment on the DWI charge.

"I think he's anxious to get back to his teammates," Frankel said outside the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse. "He's anxious to get back on the playing field and do what he does best."

Even if the NFL elects not to suspend Edwards for the arrest, insiders believe the Jets organization will bench the problem wide receiver for at least one game.

Two days before the arrest, Edwards scored a touchdown and a critical 2 point conversion in the Jets victory over the Patriots. The solid performance was sullied by a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct, after Edwards taunted a defender in the endzone.