Mannings never get tired of Super Bowl celebration

For a third time, the Mannings through either Peyton or Eli can bask in the glow of a Super Bowl championship after the Giants beat the Patriots 21-17.


Confetti dances above their heads and brushes off their feet. The silver football-shape stage is set before them as the push their way through a crowd of well-wishers and photographers hoping to catch American's sports ultimate moment of victory.

Yet Archie Manning know how this all works too well. He was here in 2007, then in 2008 and is back again at Lucas Oil Stadium in 2012.

He tries to politely but quickly work his way thorough the crowd after his son Eli captured his second Super Bowl. Add that in with Peyton's first with the Colts in Super Bowl XLI, and this gives the family of trio post Super Bowl celebrations.

"I don't want to sound greedy, but it doesn't get old," said Manning, who was preparing to celebrate the Giants' 21-17 win over the Patriots in Super Bowl . "It's fun."

While not an annual tradition it has become one in which the family might want to count on over the last six years. Peyton actually appeared in another Super Bowl with the Colts in 2009, but that game ended up having the Saints on the stage at the end after a 31-17 win.

Perhaps that's why Archie long with wife Olivia and his other son Cooper were enjoying themselves on the confetti-littered turf of Lucas Oil Stadium as if it were their first title. Peyton Manning was also in attendance at the game but was not on the field following the game.

Cooper in fact was high-flying a group of Giants fans while waiting for Eli to grab his second Vince Lombardi trophy.

"I'm still soaking it up, its so much fun," he said of Eli's victory. "The Patriots are so good and to come out of here and sneak out a victory its unbelievable."

What created such a moment was another poised performance by the youngest brothers in the family. Almost like he did in Super Bowl XLII, Manning fell behind in the second half but found a way to rally the team back to the lead.

Two second half drives amounted to six points off a pair of Lawrence Tynes field goals to cut the lead to 17-16. Like he did in Glendale back in 2008, Manning saved his best for the final drive as he completed 4-of-5 passes for 74-yards to set up Ahmad Bradshaw's game-winning touchdown run.

"They've kinda been doing it all year and they did it against a great team," said Archie of Eli's late comeback. "It was just a great team effort."

When he took to the news conference podium, Eli reflected similar sentiments when describing his 30-of-40, 294-yard performance that earned him the game's Most Valuable Players honor.

"I'm just excited to win a championship, I'm excited for my teammates," said Manning when asked how this win benefited his legacy. "We have a number of guys this is their first one, obviously there are some others who are getting their second.

"Just excited for them, coach (Tom)Coughlin, all the coaches, the Giants organization. This isn't about one person this about at whole team."

While his family would agree, the Manning's would like to think one of their own's poise helped to make a second Giants celebration in five years possible.

"He's gonna live till he's 150. He has no pulse, he's as cool as ever," said Cooper of his brother's poise. "I'm so proud of him, I'm very proud to call him my younger brother."

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