Colts take pride in having the Super Bowl in their city

Red carpets arn't exactly what he's used to, but this was indeed his night.

Strolling along the floor covering inside the One America Tower on Tuesday night for the "Celebrate the City" event on Tuesday night, Jeff Saturday was in many ways in the spotlight.

But in the end, he passed it off to the city he's called home for over a decade. Its that which is truly in the glow of the world as Super Bowl XLVI decends according to the Colts center.

"It's a beautiful deal," said Saturday of Indianapolis as a host city. "Everybody has had nothing but the best praise or reviews.

"I think our city is showing off."

At the same time Colts players weren't afraid to show the pride in the city that they either permanently or temporarily call home.

 "I think Indianapolis has had the spotlight on it and has done nothing but show out this week," said punter Pat McAfee. "(Former Colts running back) Marshall Faulk made the comment earlier this week that this looked like an Olympic village instead of a Super Bowl town.

"It's truly remarkable to look at it that way."

McAfee was among a number of Colts to join the party, along with tight end Dallas Clark, offensive lineman Ryan Diem and Jamie Richard along with quarterback Curtis Painter to name a few. Peyton and Eli Manning were on the list to attend the party but we're not seen entering the red carpet to the One America Tower's 36th floor skyline club.

"Any time Sat's picking up the bill, we're gonna ring it up," said Diem in a light-hearted moment before the festivities.

But still the majority of the talk among the Colts was on the job Indianapolis and the hopes that the 46th edition of the NFL Championship wouldn't be the last for Central Indiana.

"I don't think this will be the only Super Bowl we'll ever have here," said Saturday. "I think we've shown that we can put this thing on and pull it off and its as good as I've ever been to and I've been to a few."