Thing 3: Who should the Miami Marlins hire as Mike Redmond's bench coach?

Sun Sentinel columnist

Thing 3: With a first-time big-league manager, it will be imperative for the Miami Marlins to put a trusted resource by Mike Redmond's side as his bench coach.

Ideally, that bench coach should be fluent in Spanish to help handle that increasingly important clubhouse dynamic.

A source told me ex-Yankee first baseman Tino Martinez is under consideration for Redmond's staff, but more likely as hitting coach.

John Boles, now 64 and a senior advisor in the Royals front office, would be a perfect choice if he were to willing to go back to the daily grind in the dugout.

Someone like Cookie Rojas or Tony Perez -- two other ex-Marlins managers -- would be a great resource, but those baseball legends (and current Marlins employees) are 73 and 70, respectively.

Hall of Famer Andre Dawson could do it, but it's believed he prefers to stay in his special assistant's role in the Marlins front office.

Ron Hassey, the ex-big league catcher and coach now managing the Marlins' Triple-A New Orleans club, would be a solid choice too. 

The key will be finding someone who's had to make those tough, split-second decisions on the major league level but who doesn't have aspirations of returning (or ascending) to the role. 

Failing that, I could see Redmond wanting to hire someone like Mike Mordecai, Andy Fox or Dave Berg. All those former Marlins utility players (and ex-teammates of Redmond) have stayed in the game in some capacity and would have much to offer while remaining loyal to the rookie skipper.

Plus, they would know what the heck Redmond was talking about when he brought up "naked flips."

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