I was amused at the Lakers' pitch to various free agents to join them. Reminded me of an 80-year-old man trying to convince a supermodel he used to be something in the day.

Steve Owen

San Diego


Is it really that hard to see the 800-pound ego in the room? Howard, Carmelo, Love, LeBron, even Pau. No chance for Durant or Aldridge. Who wants to play with Kobe?

Paul Fleischauer

Santa Barbara


Adios, Pau Gasol. He gave the Lakers everything he had, but never was appreciated like he should have been. Instead, he became the scapegoat for all that went wrong with the team the last few years. He was regularly insulted by Coach Mike D'Antoni, Kobe Bryant ("put your big-boy pants on") and the media. The usual complaint was that Gasol wasn't "tough enough." Well, I guess he's tough enough for Chicago. Lakers fans should all wish him well. He deserves it.

Charles Reilly

Manhattan Beach


About the only positive move the Lakers have made is losing Mike D'Antoni, who never should have been hired as coach in the first place. But until Jim Buss steps down, the Lakers will continue to wallow.

Brian C. Gura

Redondo Beach


Does Ben Bolch ("He'll play it by Erie") really believe that everyone should be misty-eyed because LeBron James decided to return home to play for the Cavaliers? He signed a maximum contract and gets to play with good, young players after playing for a team that got manhandled in the Finals. Very few of us feel sorry for LeBron James and even fewer of us for Dan Gilbert.

Dave Moore

Santa Ana

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