Letters: Let's see what happens in 2014

As we finish off 2013, here are a few things I'd like to see in the sports world for the New Year:

•An official announcement from the NFL that Los Angeles will finally have a team again (preferably the Rams, back where they belong).

The end of sideline reporters. There is nothing more annoying in sports than a sideline reporter shoving a microphone into a coach's face during the game or as he's trying to get to the locker room at halftime.

Speaking of annoying, it's time for Fox Sports to lose the NFL robot jumping around the television screen. It was unique for about 30 seconds the first time it appeared ... many years ago.

Network programmers have to revise their list of NFL teams we get to watch in L.A. so it includes more than the Cowboys, Raiders, Chargers and Patriots.

Fantasy sports should not be included in any sports news.

The return of the California Angels. Will someone please convince Arte Moreno that "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim" sounds completely ridiculous?

Vin Scully announcing Dodger games. Forever.

Christopher Grisanti


Lakers, Lakers, Lakers

Jim Buss' arm must be tired after voting Kobe Bryant to the All-Star team 723,000 times.

Gary H. Miller



There is a simple solution to the Lakers' current problem. Hire Derek Fisher as player-coach. He can run the team from the floor or the bench.

Upside: Positive response by the team, Lakers alumni and the fans.

Sorry Mike, but the Big Apple and Hollywood are your Waterloo.

Sorry Kobe, you will always be among the best, but injuries come with age. Time to exit gracefully.

Steve and Pau, what do you think?