Lane Kiffin

USC Coach Lane Kiffin still has plenty of critics despite the team's 2-1 start. (Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times / September 21, 2013)

Dear Pat Haden, there's no rule that says that you can't fire a coach after a win. Lane Kiffin's offense is the albatross of his team. Kiffin's offense makes Mike Brown's Lakers offense look like Showtime. Please do Kiffin and the Trojan Nation a favor and put us out of our misery.

Willis Barton

Los Angeles


Beware, Tre Madden. Lane Kiffin is at it again. After all but destroying Robert Woods' final season last year with his play calling, Kiffin is at it again with Marqise Lee. It's early of course, but if you harbor any dreams of a future Heisman, be very, very careful not to share those thoughts with your coach. Oh, and don't think any future blue-chippers won't be connecting the dots.

Ralph Martinez



The USC offense reminds me of the '49 Ford I drove in high school. The engine almost always sputtered and stalled before getting me all the way to school.

Tom Turner

Dana Point


The NCAA has decided that allowing a child molester to roam free throughout the football program is not as bad as a rogue family receiving a free house. The joke's on you, Pat Haden. Once again, the NCAA has punked you. If Haden had a spine, he would've taken the NCAA on. But we know he doesn't. Just look across the field today when we all get to see Lane Kiffin again.

Geno Apicella


Unreal season

Preseason thoughts on the Dodgers — talk radio version:

1. Dodgers are no match for the Giants.

2. Dodgers are not even the best team in Los Angeles.

3. There are too many outfielders — trade Andre Ethier!