Yasiel Puig

A little bit of Yasiel Puig might have made the Major League Baseball All-Star Game a little more interesting. (Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times / July 14, 2013)

With barely any competition and TV ratings almost matching last year's historic lows, Bruce Bochy and Major League Baseball reaped what they sowed.

In a low-scoring and boring contest, who wouldn't have wanted to see a Mariano Rivera vs. Yasiel Puig matchup?

At least man up, Bruce, and admit you left Puig off the roster because he's a Dodger. We can understand and almost forgive you for that. And to borrow a phrase from the Middle East peace talks, once again, Bud Selig and MLB have proven they never "miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity." Maybe David Stern will become the new marketing consultant for baseball when he steps down from the NBA this year.

Allan Kandel

Los Angeles


I cannot understand Clayton's Kershaw's concern for anything Bruce Bochy has to say. Bochy is just another journeyman baseball player who languished for years in San Diego. Then, for reasons unknown, he was hired to manage the Giants. Voila, now he's a genius.

Just enjoy yourself, Clayton. It will be over before you know it.

Alex Fernandez



There were two interesting moments in the TV coverage of the All-Star game:

Ex-Angel Torii Hunter giving a pregame pep talk to the AL players, and new Angels C.J. Wilson and Josh Hamilton in a "Head & Shoulders with Old Spice" commercial. Somehow, there's a message in there.

John Lane



Dear Mike Scioscia:

Once Joe Blanton is 2-16 or 3-18, will you then at least consider sticking him in the bullpen where he can't do any more damage?

Bruce Liebman

Los Angeles