2007-11-06 13:05:54.0 Brian Kamenetzky: Hey everyone. Welcome to today's chat.

2007-11-06 13:05:58.0 Luhnez: Given the recent success of the Lakers and how smoothly the Triangle has been running with Luke Walton, would you start Lamar Odom right away? I know he provides matchup problems, but Luke has been somewhat of a catalyst in this offense. The Triangle is running even better than it was last January and Luke Walton is a big reason for that.

2007-11-06 13:07:10.0 Brian Kamenetzky: Luhnez- Yeah, as soon as LO is available, I'd put him in the starting lineup. For Luke or Ronny would have to do a lot with matchups, but I think the goal is to have Luke captain the second unit if everyone is healthy. He'll play plenty of fourth quarter minutes, either way.

2007-11-06 13:07:14.0 generic_one: Brian - It seems like you're always earlier to these chats than Andrew. Would you attribute this to being married and having strict rules that are dictated on short notice? Andrew - How do you feel about giving away raisins to trick-or-treaters? I think it's extremely insulting, personally.

2007-11-06 13:07:40.0 Brian Kamenetzky: Generic- Acutally, Andy was there first, I think.

2007-11-06 13:07:47.0 ah81: Brian how come you're not in Kobe's circle of trust?

2007-11-06 13:08:02.0 Brian Kamenetzky: ah81- Dude, we only have an hour...

2007-11-06 13:08:04.0 ah81: trade kobe for arenas and butler!

2007-11-06 13:08:08.0 Elle: What are the odds that we can teach kwame to dunk and or retain the ball in his hands?

2007-11-06 13:08:15.0 Andrew Kamenetzky: G!, I dispise raisens, so I agree. As they said in "Bennie and Joon," raisens are just humilated grapes.

2007-11-06 13:08:24.0 Brian Kamenetzky: Elle- Dude, we only have an hour (haha)...

2007-11-06 13:08:46.0 ah81: What are the chances of signing Kwame to the mid level next year at 5 million?

2007-11-06 13:08:57.0 Elle: I'd volunteer to throw balls at random parts of his body, just to see if that would help

2007-11-06 13:09:03.0 Elle: I'll even do it for free

2007-11-06 13:09:35.0 Mikey: Seriously, I wanted to pull my hair out the other night against PHX when Kwame tried to lay it up soft. What will it take for him to learn to get up and just throw it down?

2007-11-06 13:09:37.0 Brian Kamenetzky: Elle- Is that for you to take out your own frustrations at his play, or to actually help Kwame improve?

2007-11-06 13:09:58.0 Elle: to help him and my Lakers

2007-11-06 13:10:06.0 ah81: Kwame is my hero

2007-11-06 13:10:26.0 BR: Is Chris Mimm injured? His playing time has been very limited.