Where in the world is NASCAR's Tony Stewart

Where in the world is NASCAR's Tony Stewart (April 22, 2013)

We are now eight races into the NASCAR season and Tony Stewart is 21st in the standings, yes I had to look twice. It is 21st. What's worse is, it's not as if he has had bad luck, he's finished every race. But he only has one top ten. In simplest terms...Where in the world is NASCAR's Tony Stewart? Out to lunch.

It's not just Smoke, his entire race team seams to be way off, Ryan Newman is 17th in points, Danica Patrick is 25th.

It's particularly disturbing for Stewart, who is just two seasons removed from a championship and hasn't finished out of the top 10 in points since 2006, when he was 11th. That was also his worst finish of his cup career.

Tony Stewart fans have reason to be concerned. Maybe, the switch from Darian Grubb to Steve Addington. With Greg Zippideli not chiefing a car these days, is it just a matter of time before he's back atop the box for Stewart. Can Smoke afford to wait it out?

In four weeks we will be halfway to the start of the chase. If the 14 team has not worked its way into the top 15, Stewart may have a serious problem. Especially when you consider that Denny Hamlin will be back there battling for a wild card, due to his injury. And right now, the 11 is running a whole lot better than the 14.