How can you not like Greg Biffle? He drives with the gusto and passion you wish all drivers had, yet he's real of the track when you talk to him in a interview. He doesn't give the cookie cutter answers, he really thinks about them.

That being said on the track he's a little bit of an enigma. The Biff is not Jekyll and Hyde, more like Edwards and Kenseth. Meaning he's either the guy that can go out there and win 6 races (Edwards) or he's the guy who can go out there and run 3rd every week (Kenseth). And honestly you never know which guys you are going to get from year to year.

That's part of the reason I have never been able to figue Biffle out. I wouldn't we the least bit surprised if he was right there in the mix. But in the same vein, I think it's more likely he's middle of the pack.