Sheryl Crow sang a change would do you good. And although it's not a big change, the change from the 2 to the 22 could be good for Kurt Busch. He never seemed to fit in the Blue Deuce or be embraced by its fans. Now he's a new car, where he can have his fans and walk with his own swagger.

If Saturday night's duel is any indication, the change has done the former champ good. But he's fighting a tough battle. He's the only competitive Dodge on the track, and there are times in the course of a chase, where you are going to need some friends. To pull over and give you 5 bonus points, to stay in line in the bump draft at the fall Talladega race. But unless his teammate Brad Kesolowski steps up big time, Busch is not going to have many friends up front.

But hey, Kurt has surprised before, I mean, no one expected him to win the first Chase for the Championship.