Jenn's Blog:  Just one of those days

This is the second time I will be writing my blog tonight.  I was completely finished with the first one, went to press save and my internet cut out.  Blog completely lost.  I just had to laugh though because that was a basic microcosm of my day.

We drove to the arena early this morning, about 8:30, in order to grab our credentials and make sure we had our set up going strong for today's practice day.  I didn't end up getting my credentials, however, because we were having issues with our station vehicle and I needed to drop by the Pep Boys down the road to get some oil. 

Well, turns out I didn't need just some oil, I needed FOUR QUARTS of oil.  And I bought two extra quarts for good measure.  We also needed a new air filter so I grabbed one of those and was on my way.  18 miles later I was back at the hotel, grabbed my stuff quickly and hopped on the media shuttle back to the stadium.

Fast forward to locker room interviews with the Kansas players.  They hadn't yet seen the court when I talked to them but said the exterior of the building was impressive enough.  That, and the excessively long walk to their locker room.  Kevin Young said that he and the guys were actually debating on whether walking the other way around would've been faster.  They finally shook their heads and realized there are no short cuts in Cowboys' Stadium.

The same goes for their run to the Sweet 16.  Kansas has been challenged very hard by the first couple of games and they'll get an even bigger challenge aginst Michigan on Friday night. 

The Wolverines are a great team but coach Self adds that all the teams in this region are pretty salty.  You've got three teams that could all be a number one seed and you also have the Cinderella that's captured the nation's attention all while rolling through the first two games.

None of these teams have taken the easy way to the sweet 16 and they won't take any easy path to the glory of the national championship.  Maybe that's just what I need to remind myself:  right now I may be having a rough day but the end result is what I work hard for, what I want.