Jenn's Blog: Barbells, BBQ and Basketpong

By: Jenn Bates

KWCH Eyewitness Sports

4:09 PM EDT, March 15, 2013



I'm gonna go ahead and get this off my chest, Kansas fans:  I made friends with an Iowa State group today.  I'll get back to that later.

Speaking of getting stuff off my chest though, I found an amazing gym in the Kansas City area where I was able to get in a solid chest workout today.  It's called Stone and Barbell club and it's in Overland Park.  I've been emailing the owner back and forth the last couple of days and he made it insanely easy for me to get set up with a passcode for the door and the guys working there were awesome.  If you're into serious power lifting at all, this is the place to go.


Elsewhere downtown my cohorts, I mean coworkers, Brian and Grant went in search of Jack Stack BBQ.  They found it eventually and swear that they got served dinosaur meat (tyrannosaurus Rex style) it was so much food.  They ordered 6 onion rings which is apparently a mistake for two people to do because the onion rings are so large.  Brian said on our drive up here that he could eat BBQ for the rest of his life.  After eating a full meal at Jack Stack, he's reconsidering that decision.

Ok back to the Iowa State fans.  I was waiting by the elevator on my floor for my photographer, Brian, to meet me and go to the lobby.  A group of Iowa State fans got off the elevator and one of the guys looked at me and asked, 'are you a model?'  I promptly replied, 'are you drunk?'  That's the only way I could be mistaken for that.  I asked them to politely not attack Bill Self today and they laughed and said, only if a KU player doesn't dunk on us when they're up 15.  I see that as a fair trade.

Finally, the fan fest aross the street at Power and Light is pretty sweet except for one thing.  The weather is great, there are tons of people BUT they've also got real life Basket Pong.  If you follow me on Twitter you'll know of my sincere disdain for Basket Pong.  It soured my mood immediately but then we met a nice guy from Burrton who stopped and shook our hands and told us he watches us all the time.  Always love finding new friends during tournament weekends!