Jenn's Blog:  Survive and advance

Well, that was interesting.  Ok ok I'm sure Kansas fans have used some more, uh, colorful language than 'interesting' to describe how the Jayhawks played tonight.  But you've got to admit it looked a lot like the Purdue game last season.  And the NC State game.  And a little similar to the Ohio State game.  So it can't be all bad, right?

First positive thing:  Kansas won!  Like Jeff Withey reminded us after the game, you just have to win.  It can be ugly but it just has to be a W at the sound of the final buzzer.

First negative thing:  Kansas turned the ball over 17 times and went 0-6 from three-point range.

Second positive thing:  The Jayhawks' defense held Western Kentucky to 31.8% shooting for the game and just 15% from three point range.

Second negative thing:  Where have you gone, Ben McLemore?  After that outrageously awesome dunk off the inbounds play in the first half, McLemore would quietly finish 2-5 from the floor, 0-2 from 3 and 7-8 from the field with 4 turnovers to his name.  He's not getting the nickname 'Big Game Ben' anytime soon.  Mostly because that's a really lame nickname for him, Air McLemore is way cooler. 

Third positive thing (because it comes in threes as I'm told):  Perry Ellis continued to seem comfortable on the floor.  He played just 12 minutes against Western Kentucky but in that time he scored 9 points, recorded a steal and pulled in 7 boards.  That's a heck of a stat line for a true freshman playing in his first NCAA tournament.

Third negative thing:  Elijah Johnson played 36 minutes and scored just 5 points.  He was 1-6 from the field, 0-2 from 3 and racked up 3 turnovers.  Not what you need from your senior point guard.

But like I said at the start, all that really matters is that big fat W.  Everything else is just poppycock (do you ever say a word during the day then make it your mission to work it in later somehow, no matter the ridiculousness of it?  Poppycock was my word today).

Kansas now advances to face UNC which I hear will be on KWCH on Sunday (awesome!) at 4:15.