For What it's Worth: The Draft, Futility & Dutch

Bruce Haertl

For What It's Worth

9:14 AM EDT, June 28, 2013



I know that everyone’s got to get paid, but I still can’t get used to paying a quarter at McDonald’s for a small glass of water.

Toughest job in America?

These guys who do the mock drafts for the NBA maybe the most lied to people in America. Nobody ---and that includes the man himself---saw Anthony Bennett of UNLV as the top pick. A first round pick—yes, but not the first pick. But that’s only where the surprises started---KU’s Ben McLemore, who many said was the best player in the draft, slipped all the way to Sacramento with the seventh selection. There were ten trades in a first round that seemed to have fewer ‘sure things’ than virtually any draft I can remember. It was a remarkably entertaining draft that kept you constantly guessing.

I’m certainly no expert, but I did see Steven Adams of Pittsburgh and Gonzaga’s Kelly Olynek three times in as many days last spring and find it hard to imagine taking Adams before Olynek, but that’s what happened last night. Point Guard C.J. McCollum becomes the first player in history from Lehigh to be drafted; in fact, Lehigh has never produced a player in the NBA. The biggest free faller of the night was San Diego State’s Jamaal Franklin who was on virtually everyone’s first round but fell all the way to the 41st choice. Thud!

NBA outposts for two ‘Hawks---

It’s the second year in a row that Sacramento has gone to Lawrence for their top pick; the Kings hope McLemore works out a lot better than Thomas Robinson who averaged just 4.5 points and about as many rebounds before being shipped to Houston late in the season. Jayhawk center Jeff Withey gets the call from Portland with the 9th pick in the second round, the 39th overall. Over the last 15 years only Kentucky and Duke have produced more draft picks than Kansas.

Sliding again---

The Royals have lost six of their last eight to fall back to four games under .500; five and a half games back of Detroit in the American League Central. Last night in Minneapolis they went 0 for 6 with men in scoring position in what’s becoming an all too familiar Royals refrain. KC is one of just 14 teams in Major League Baseball to have scored more runs than they’ve given up. Of those fourteen teams only two-- Colorado and, yes, Kansas City has losing records.

Hang in their Dutch---

Ark City’s Darren Daulton got a lot of press for being a devout metaphysicist who had a lot of…unique…observations of the world and universe that we and maybe others live in. But the former Phillie and Marlin star is also a very good dude with a great heart and a hearty sense of humor.

I got to know Daulton a little when I MC’ed his induction ceremony into the Kansas Sports Hall Of Fame a few years ago and I really enjoyed him---quirkiness and all. So I was really saddened to hear about the discovery of two brain tumors that Daulton will try to have surgically removed next week. Dutch had been hosting a radio show for the last four years in Philadelphia and was reportedly having a blast with it, please join me in thinking good thoughts for he and his family.