Smoothie powers Braun to 3 home runs

SAN DIEGO -- Milwaukee Brewers slugger Ryan Braun became the first player ever to hit three home runs at Petco Park Monday night.  He also added a triple and drove in six runs in the Brewers 8-3 win over the Padres.  Braun revealed his secret Tuesday.

Well, here’s the scoop, or should I say, slurp, from the reigning National League MVP.

“I was just wandering downtown and my girlfriend and I found this place called ‘Crunch Time,’” Braun said. “A cool little ice cream place and I got a strawberry-banana smoothie over there.”

Yep, the slugger who had a 50-game substance abuse suspension overturned on a technicality - is juicing.

But make no mistake, all the ingredients are perfectly legal: bananas, strawberries and natural frozen yogurt.

Plus, “lots of love, excitement and evidently, three home runs and a triple,” said Crunch Time owner Kim Pinkney.

Crunch Time is located less than a block away from Petco Park at 611 K Street, and after his big game Monday night, Braun went right back there Tuesday morning.

“I don’t think they were surprised,” Braun said. “I think they know all baseball players are at least somewhat superstitious. When you play this game, you try not to be overly superstitious but after a day like that, you try to duplicate the day before."

The smoothie costs $4.99 and Pinkney said she is thinking about renaming it.

“We’re thinking about changing it to ‘The three home-run, six-RBI smoothie,” Pinkney said.

Braun said he would return to get another smoothie Wednesday morning if he has a big game Tuesday night, and his teammate, catcher Jonathan Lucroy, said he would definitely join. So Pinkney said she’s getting ready.

“We’re going to stock up on all the ingredients tonight, just in case,” she said. 

Pinkney also said she would love to see any of the Padres players come in as well. After all, after starting 7-17, the worst record in the National League, they could use all the help they can get.