Captain Crush's world record ideas are long shots

SAN DIEGO – A man nicknamed Captain Crush will take a swing at two world records at Torrey Pines Golf Course on Saturday.

Lynn Ray’s recording breaking idea might consider a bit of a long shot to most golfers.  He is taking on the challenge of hitting the most 300-yard drives in one hour and the most 300-yard drives in 12 hours.

The 2010 California State long drive champion came up with the idea last fall and contacted the Guiness Book of World Records. He found out no record existed, so he came up with his own goal.

“My goal is going to be 6,000 balls,” Ray said. “I'm pretty sure 5,500 is fairly doable.”

That's one 300-yard drive every 7.2 seconds.

Ray trains six days a week. Three days, he hits balls rapid fire for about an hour and a half at City Golf Club and Academy in Mira Mesa.  The other three days he swings a training club 1,000 times.

Last month, he did a 12-hour dry run and hit 4,801 drives over 300 yards in 12 hours.

“My hands were hurting,” Ray said. “My left hand was swollen up, a few blisters. I was sore for the next four to five days.”

Ray will start his record quest on the 10th tee on the North Course at Torrey Pines at 3:30 p.m. Saturday. Lights will be set up so he can swing through the night.

To count, each drive must stop no less than 300 yards away and within a certain range width, basically between the trees on that line either side of the fairway.

“On a couple of the first drives, I’ll put a little extra effort into it and try to hit it on the green,” Ray said with a chuckle.

Ray said he will take sporadic five minute breaks and eat as he goes.

His 16-year-old son Brian will serve as his tee man for the first hour.

Ray started his long drive career in the summer of 2002 when his oldest son, Jonathan, talked him into it.  Six months later, Jonathan died in a motorcycle crash and Ray continues to swing in his memory.

“It's a thing where he got me started in this, and now I do it with my other sons and daughters.  It’s a family thing we have going,” Ray said. “It makes it fun.”

It must be fun enough for Ray to do for 12 straight hours.