Seahawks show off new Nike uniforms

Nike, the new supplier of the NFL, came out Tuesday morning to show off redesigned uniforms for the 2012 season.

Nike is taking over as the official supplier after Reebok’s 10-year deal with the league expired.

The Seattle Seahawks, along with all 32 teams, met in New York to give the media a preview of their new threads.

Click here to see photos of the all the new NFL uniforms.

The new Seahawks uniforms were perhaps the most drastically redesigned.

They feature a deep blue, neon green and wolf grey color scheme. Nike said the green is meant to represent the vast forests of the Pacific Northwest and the grey is homage to our beautiful, gloomy weather.

Click here to see photos of the new Seahawks unforms.

A stack of 12, Native American-style feathers running down the pant leg and along the collar is a special shout-out to the 12th man. Finally, the Seahawk logo on the helmet now connects on the back.

In addition to the aesthetic changes, Nike football uniforms feature a shrink-wrap fit designed to make them difficult to grab onto.

Seahawks cornerback Walter Thurmond is familiar with the high-tech Nike uniforms. Not only did he wear them when he played for the University of Oregon, he recently had a chance to try on the new Seahawks version.

“They [Oregon] change the uniforms every two years, so I got my opportunity to wear a couple different ones. Since we’re at their backdoor, just with the Nike connection, I think [Seahawks chairman] Paul Allen wanted an upgrade as far as the jerseys are concerned. I think the Nike team did a great job, ” Thurmond said.

He went on to say the new age uniforms will take the Hawks and the NFL into the future. “It’s transitioning from where we are as an organization and where the league is going.”