I must be crazy - because I heard the Seahawks won a game on the East Coast today!

And I must be nuts because an undrafted rookie free agent caught the winning pass!

Let’s put this win in perspective. For all the mistakes and untimely turnovers – this Seahawks team pulled the unthinkable. And they did it on the road, without three starting offensive lineman at the end of their game-winning drive. They won without Mike Williams or Marcus Trufant. Without a Pro Bowl tight end, Zach Miller, who got hurt early on, or Leroy Hill, who pulled a hammy late. And without their starting quarterback, who was just starting to find his way.

Ask me if I can explain it. And I can’t. My hands are tied.

The question going forward will be if there’s a quarterback controversy. But that’s for Hugh and Ian later in the show.

Instead, I’d rather compare today’s win to last year’s loss to the very same New York Giants team. Riddled by injuries, the Seahawks got pummeled, 41-7, at home, with Whitehurst at quarterback. One year later – on the road no less – Whitehurst led a team once again riddled by injuries, to an 11-point win. If that’s not progress, I don’t know what is – not just for the quarterback, but for the entire team.

This was a turning point for an impressionable team that’s the second youngest in the league.

Beating an NFC East opponent on the road was what we were used to in the Holmgren era of four straight division titles - of playoff wins and staying competitive with anyone they played. In the last six quarters, the Seahawks have proven that they’re well on their way – and the win today is the validation they needed. The Seahawks might be 2-3, but at least now we know their true capabilities.

In the last two weeks, an NFC West team has beaten an NFC East team on the road. It’s huge for a division that’s been a laughing stock the past couple years. And even better for a coaching rivalry that’ll continue on Christmas Eve at CenturyLink Field – hopefully with a divisional title on the line.

Yes, the Hawks are still two games back. But there’s a long way to go. And if you think I’m crazy, well….just look at me.