Commentary: For God's (and Mariners fans') sake: Sign Prince Fielder

Who knew that most of the off-season would be just as painful as last year. When General Manager Jack Zduriencik says, “Stick with us,” I want to shout, “for God’s sake we have, for 30 years! Please, just DO something already!”

And that’s why the time to strike – the time to sign a big-time free agent – HAS to be now. Because Mariners fans, who have been more than patient, simply deserve it.

I applaud Jack Z for his recent move, sending Michael Pineda away to acquire Jesus Montero, for multiple reasons, which I’ll get to in a second – but in my mind, the move can best be consummated with a second move – putting out the cash and signing Prince Fielder too.

When Zduriencik said “acquiring a big bat” was a priority this off-season, Jesus Montero wasn’t who we had in mind. But Montero and Prince Fielder? That would be a dream come true. That would provide proven pop and potential pop into a lineup that’s been offensively dead on arrival.

If Jack swings for the fences to sign Fielder with an open checkbook – an unlimited supply of cash – or at least a deal that trumps the other teams – and Fielder says no, we can’t be mad. But if Zduriencik continues to be hamstrung by budgets – then this is the point when fans have every right to rebel, by simply not showing up to the ballpark – because why should we invest, if the ownership is unwilling to invest?

Felix and Pineda were known as “the king and the prince.”

There’s still time to still have “the king and a Prince.”

Meanwhile, I like the Pineda trade, firstly because it likely finally ends speculation of a trade for Felix Hernandez. I commend Zduriencik for his resolve on this matter. Felix is and has been the centerpiece to the M’s pitching rotation. Zduriencik has time and again proven that Felix is staying put. That hasn’t been easy. If it came down to trading Felix or Pineda, Zduriencik made the right choice.

Secondly, who knows if Montero will pan out, but at this point, ANY move to acquire some sort of offense was needed. Fine, it’s a gamble – but we’ve learned that standing pat with the current pitching rotation without any upgrade on the offensive side is suicide. It didn’t work last year – it won’t work this year – especially with the ridiculous upgrade of Albert Pujols on the Angels, and the Rangers' impressive offense to begin with.

Argue all you want about this franchise having more prospects than players. That’s a hell of a lot better when Zduriencik got here - a depleted farm system meant they had no prospects – and no players.

We know the challenges Jack Z faces – and every one of his moves hasn’t panned out – see Chone Figgins and Milton Bradley. But we know he’s trying, and doing the best he can. And if he can’t get it done, I’m not sure anyone can – with this ownership and leadership guiding the way.