She's Done It Maya Way
One year from now, Maya Moore will be somewhere in Europe, most likely Russia or Turkey, playing professional basketball.

At that point, her career at UConn and her rookie season in the WNBA will be over. And the numbers she will have compiled in the process can then be fully analyzed and appreciated.

What's certain is they will impress, because they are already impressive, even before her senior season begins Sunday against Holy Cross.

"Watching her in practice, it's clear she is even better than she was over the last three seasons," coach Geno Auriemma said.

Already fourth among UConn career scorers with 2,168 points, Moore will pursue a fourth first-team All-America selection. She would be the first UConn player ever so honored.

"I don't really pay attention to that kind of stuff," Moore said. "Obviously, it is an honor to be respected and looked [upon] in that way in the basketball world, but it is just not something I am thinking about a whole lot."

She will have a much different vantage point -- a senior leader on a team with five freshmen who will look to her for direction and motivation.

"I don't think they are intimidated by her," junior Tiffany Hayes said. "I think they are inspired, more than anything. I hear them saying all the time, 'Oh, my gosh, she is so good, how does she do that?' I think it motivates them to want to be just like her. And being around her all the time will help them accomplish that."

Is Moore the greatest player in the history of UConn women's basketball? Perhaps.

"She's really, really good, Villanova coach Harry Perretta said. "And I believe in my heart that she will show people that she's better than people even thought she was. She'll do more, but she's capable of it."

Is she a potential marketing icon who could someday peer out at us from the cover of cereal boxes? Why not?

"She would be a dream spokesperson for someone," ESPN analyst Dick Vitale said. "She's so talented, so personable. She has all the qualities a parent could want."

And how does Moore compare to the great UConn players who came before her?

Who does she remind you of when she plies her trade, on and off the court?

Well, glad you asked.


Kerry Bascom

Comparably sized and uniquely gifted, Moore and Bascom might just be the two most natural scorers to play for the Huskies.

Had Bascom played more than 120 games, she likely would have approached 3,000 points (she scored 2,177). She's the only UConn player to average 20 points a season. and she did it three times.