Following Up Towson Loss With UConn Coach Paul Pasqualoni

By DESMOND CONNER dconner@courant.com

2:24 PM EDT, August 30, 2013


Just wrapped up the post game tele-conference with UConn head coach Paul Pasqualoni follwing a disappointing and stunning 33-18 loss at home to I-AA Towson.

Real quick wide receiver Kamal Abrams twisted his knee during warmups last night is having an MRI today.

Some of the highlights from the call…

On a potential change at quarterback or any other position: ”We’re in the process of grading the film and going through the evaluations. I would say this, overall, we didn’t play well enough as a team. I would say that, and that certainly inlcudes the quarterback position, I thought Chandler was a little bit jittery in our opener. He did the same thing last year against UMass when we opened the season it was kind of the same, first-game jitter thing. We’re going to work. Fortunately, we’ve got two weeks for Maryland. I’m confident Chandler will perform better in the next outing and of course we’re going to work the two backup quarterbacks, the three quarterbacks hard. You know last night when Chandler got the ball out on time he threw the ball well and when we didn’t get it out on time it didn’t look very good.” 

On that trouble seeing over the rush comment about Whitmer: I think part of it was having, being a little bit jittery. Sometimes it was seeing over the rush. Other times it’s when you’re not an extremely tall quarterback, you’re one of these 6-1 guys, you kind of have to slide around in the pocket to find a window to throw the ball in. He’s done that much, much better than he did it last night. For whatever reason there were times that he did it well and got the ball off and it was pretty impressive but there were a number of times where he didn’t get into the window to throw the ball and consequently and was forced to scramble around. That’s what I’m talking about. That’s something he’s going to have to work on and we’re going to have to work on.

On whether or not he put the team, players in the best position to win: “I think defensively there were a few…we adjusted as the game went on but we could have done a little bit better job with some of those runs early in the game. We lost leverage on a couple of those plays that came out of there. It was not something we had worked a great deal on and we had to adjust as the game went on. I think we could have done a better job there, certainly and the one thing I would have liked to had done was to help with the protection on No.56 (defensive end Ryan Delaire) because he was an effective pass rusher especially setting up the outside and then coming inside. Those are two things we could have done a better job at, I could have done a better job with and the staff could have done better with but overall I think were some things we did very well – on both sides of the ball.

On re-focusing the team after such a tough loss: I know when they take a look at the film get their grades and so forth. They’re going to see everything that happened is correctable and we’ll get it corrected.”

And on the fans: “I think it was very disappointing for the fans to be perfectly honest and I’m totally aware of that and I totally get that. I’m disappointed for the players and staff. We understand that and we’re making every effort here to put on a team and product on the field the fans can be proud of. We’re going to continue with that goal.”