Izzo Suspended For Game Against Prairie View A&M

Michigan State has suspended head coach Tom Izzo one game for a secondary violation committed by the men's basketball program.

The Spartans inadvertently employed a individual associated with a prospect at this summer's boys basketball camp.  The NCAA has ruled that a secondary violation.

"As an institution, we believe Coach Izzo and his staff have always demonstrated a commitment to compliance and will continue to do so," MSU Athletics Director Mark Hollis told msuspartans.com. "This inadvertent secondary violation occurred in a changing landscape. We find ourselves in unchartered territory in light of this broad definition. Defining who is an IAWP can be difficult, especially when dealing with an individual that has demonstrated no influence on a prospect. It is also important to note that this is only a secondary violation, and with Coach Izzo sitting out a game, the case is closed. While the penalty seems severe for a secondary violation, this is a new mandate from the NCAA and the Basketball Focus Group by which we will abide."

Izzo will sit out Saturday's home game against Prairie View A&M.