Fans recall the best of the 2013 Blackhawks

Brent Seabrook's winning goal in Game 7 against Detroit was just one of the many Hawks highlights from 2013. (Chicago Tribune)

After a Stanley Cup Final for the ages and another Blackhawks championship, RedEye wanted to hear from readers. We posed two questions:

1. Where were you when the Hawks won the Cup? Describe the scene and your celebration.

2. When you look back on the 2013 Blackhawks, what will you remember?


Editor's note: Answers are in alphabetical order.


J.R. Bang, 31, Bolingbrook

1. I was actually just waking up. I looked on Twitter and people were talking Game 7 and as soon as I turned to NBC the Blackhawks were hugging it out. I felt bad that I was asleep but I ran around my house like I was at the United Center.

2. The highs and lows. This team was celebrated for the lengthy streak at the beginning of the season and left for dead by hockey analysts during the Red Wings series only to hoist Lord Stanley's cup.


Paul M. Banks, 35, Gold Coast

1. I was at home in the Gold Coast. I went down to Rush and Division and tweeted, instagrammed and FlipShared all I saw. All was well. I interviewed a few policemen and they all said that their night had been pleasantly quiet. So kudos to Chicago for celebrating with class. I only had one drink. And my toast to my friends was simple: "A Victory For Josh [Mora] and Susannah [Collins]."

2. I'll remember the media aspect of it. I built my social media following during the Blackhawks run. My most popular tweets came in relationship to Blackhawks games and breaking news. The most important things I wrote were about Blackhawks media.


Adam Bayard, 25, Lincoln Park

1. I was watching at home with my roommates. I'm going overseas for two weeks the day after the game so I was going to pack for the first period and drive to meet other people at a bar, but it was at capacity before the first period ended so we watched at home.

2. They made hockey fun again and made it a little easier to follow the Rose-less Bulls.


Alex Beh, 30, Los Angeles