The Miami Heat fan seen giving Joakim Noah the middle finger has been identified as Filomena Tobias, widow of Seth Tobias.

A five-month police investigation concluded there was no foul play, and prosecutors declined to pursue a criminal prosecution.

In 2008, Tobias' brothers — Samuel, Spence, Scott and Joshua — accused Filomena of murder in a civil battle to keep her from grabbing their late brother's $25 million fortune under Florida's "slayer statute."

The brothers in the dispute claimed Filomena Tobias spiked their brother's last meal of penne a la vodka with a deadly dose of Ambien. A 300-pound Internet psychic told the New York Times in 2007 that Filomena Tobias confessed that she lured her woozy husband to the pool area, promising him sex with a male stripper know as "Tiger."

Filomena Tobias' attorneys, which included a former husband, described the accusations at the time as ridiculous.

The following year a probate court judge approved a settlement agreement between his widow and his brothers.

The agreement precluded the need for a scheduled eight-day trial that would have featured accusations of gambling, overspending and marriage-ending affairs, which were outlined in court documents.

In the documents, Filomena Tobias described herself as a "housewife" who spent $47,000 in expenses a month, including $4,400 for clothes, $1,500 for beauty salons and $5,000 for the upkeep of her Porsche and Range Rover, according to a 2007 Sun Sentinel article.

On Thursday, reacting to the backlash from Tobias' finger waving, her grown daughter told the Sun Sentinel in a phone interview that her mother "was having fun just like any other fan."

Victoria Racanati said her mother had this to say to her critics: "People need to get a life."

Miami Heat player Chris Bosh said he expects retribution from Bulls fans, when the teams continue their series in Chicago on Friday.

"I'm sure we'll be hearing similar things tomorrow night and Monday night," Bosh said Thursday. "What goes around comes around. We're going to have to deal with it, too.''

Victoria Racanati and Doug Peters both described Tobais and her family as "very private" and declined to talk more about her current life.

Racanati described Tobias as an ardent Heat fan, but was fuming by some of the less-than-flattering comments left on Internet stories about the incident.

"I have to say she still looks really hot," the daughter said.

Staff Writers Harvey Fialkov and Barbara Hijek contributed to this report.