The Miami Heat fan seen giving Joakim Noah the middle finger has been identified as Filomena Tobias, widow of Seth Tobias.

It's the middle finger that flipped across the Internet world — and it belongs to millionaire socialite Filomena "Phyllis" Tobias.

The Heat fan from Jupiter flashed an angry bird inches from the face of Chicago Bulls player Joakim Noah Wednesday. The resulting photo of the fierce-looking blonde quickly made headlines across the country.

So who is the woman behind the finger?

She's the 47-year-old widow of a hedge fund owner who, under mysterious circumstances, was found dead five years ago in the pool of the couple's mansion. It was her fourth husband.

Tobias first entered the media spotlight in 2007 following the death of Seth Tobias, 44, former CNBC commentator and hedge fund owner. A legal fight over the dead husband's wealth brought out lurid stories of murder, cocaine binges and trysts with a tiger-tattooed go-go dancer.

Thursday, she unexpectedly emerged back in the spotlight. She drew sharp criticism from other basketball fans, who said she crossed the line with her aggressiveness, and from Heat players, who lamented her actions.

"At the end of the day we're all human. We're regular people just like you and it's unfortunate," said Heat star Dwyane Wade. "We just want to ask our fans to cheer for us, to boo them when you come here and all of that, but let's stay first class around here, Miami."

Asked if he typically has fun with fan interaction, Noah told he wasn't thrilled about being flipped the bird. "Do you have fun when somebody sticks their middle finger in your face?" Noah replied.

Tobais' middle finger came out during the fourth period, when she was watching the game with her family from posh lower-bowl seats. Noah had been ejected for cursing at referee Scott Foster, and received Tobias' one-finger scorn as he walked past the family on his way to the locker room.

Wearing a multicolored top, tight white pants, plenty of bling and clutching her red designer purse, Tobias and her finger salute became an Internet meme. One sports-related site,, invited users to create captions and lampoon the photo with alterations.

Many on Twitter proclaimed her the typical cocky Heat fan.

"Typical Miami Heat trashy fan. No class. When the Heat are losing, her seat will be empty like the rest of them," wrote Kenny Ruiz in the Sun Sentinel's Facebook page.

Doug Peters, a friend who sold the seats to Tobias, said the widow was embarrassed. She told those around her that she simply was caught up in the excitement. Tobias declined to be interviewed Thursday.

"She's a really good woman," Peters said. "She got caught up in the heat of the moment. I don't think she'll be showing her face around for a while."

Peters said he felt bad for Tobias, but also said he did not want to condone such boorish behavior.

Peters said he sold the seats to Tobias, also a season-ticket holder, because he couldn't make it to the game. Tobias purchased the tickets to bring more of her family members and friends, which included the children seen in the front seats and the man standing next to her in the photo.

Several news outlets identified the man as Tobias' fiance, Bruce Smith, a vice-president of a sports consulting group in Atlanta that helps athletes with their wealth. He could not be reached for comment.

Before Wednesday night's incident, Filomena Tobias had been making public appearances, including a charity function in Palm Beach County.

Such moments have been more cheerful occasions than the days she faced after her husband's death, the circumstances of which sound like something straight from a Carl Hiaasen novel, set in one of Palm Beach County's most exclusive neighborhoods.

On Sept. 4, 2007, Jupiter police and paramedics found Tobias drowned in his pool. Medical examiners ruled he had a lethal mix of alcohol, cocaine and the sleeping pill Ambien in his system.