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The Bears hate you

Did you hear how the Bears' public statements play you for stupid?

The Bears did not fire the general manager after the Packers debacle that followed the Patriots debacle.

The Bears did not fire the head coach or any assistants, either, after becoming the first NFL team since 1923 to give up 50-plus points in consecutive games.

How could that happen, or, more precisely, not happen?

Because the Bears seem to have an infinite tolerance for national humiliation.

And because the Bears hate you. They must hate you, because otherwise, how else can you explain the way some of the people in charge play you for stupid?

The day after the Patriots humiliated the Bears with a record 38-point first half, Bears interim general manager Phil Emery said he believed the team’s identity was that of a physical team.

Is that the same team that the Packers just humiliated with a new record 42-point first half after two weeks of preparation for the most desperate game of the season?

Is that the same team that just got blown up and blown out so badly that many of the players looked like they quit on national TV? That team? That’s the one Emery was talking about?

The Bears aren’t tough physically. The Bears aren’t tough mentally. The Bears aren’t tough emotionally.

“I think this team and this locker room is in a good place at this time,’’ said interim coach Marc Trestman, and I’m thinking, you betcha, any team that gives up 80 points combined in consecutive first halves is in a good place.

You could ask Trestman to pass the pipe, because he must have some good stuff. But don’t expect the coach or the Bears to offer truth. They don’t care to give you the truth, and they talk to you as if they hate you for thinking you have a right to know why the city’s football team is in a 3-6 death spiral during a season that began with Super Bowl hopes.

Oh, and this disaster also isn’t the fault of his practices or coaches, Trestman wants you to know.

“Right now I stand by these guys and the job they’re doing,’’ Trestman said.

No lie. Trestman said that as plainly as a bag of dog feces burning on your porch.

Trestman said the Bears have had great practices. Problem is, he said they can’t figure out why they can’t translate those great practices to games. Then how do you know those practices are so great?

The truth is, Trestman doesn’t know how to run or evaluate a practice. He can’t. The game results tell you that, Capt. Obvious.

Look at the first quarter of the Packers game: Trestman’s offense was flagged for a false start, delay-of-game and a personal foul. First quarter coming out of an open week, and the Bears are less disciplined than ever. Nice practicing, pal.

The Bears have performed like a bad and stupid team from Emery and Trestman on down -- failing personnel evaluations, a $54 million prison sentence of a contract with the quarterback, coaches’ horrible evaluation of practice, and players’ horrible execution in games.

Yahoo Sports quoted Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb as saying, “We knew that if we got up early on them, they may lay down on us.’’

Even if Trestman said he couldn’t see such a thing, Cobb confirmed the Packers’ plan as a success: “You could tell that they kind of laid down a little bit.’’

To recap, during this season, opposing players have exposed Trestman’s Bears for predictable formations, predictable play-calling, predictable quarterback turnovers, and now for quick-stepping to quitting.

But on Monday, Trestman and Emery still had their jobs. Everybody did. For no good reason. Yeah, the Bears hate you.

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