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Fan reactions to John Fox news range from strange to insightful

Coming from fans of a 5-11 team, the quibble of some Bears faithful that the new Bears coach couldn't win the Super Bowl in two attempts seems a bit nitpicky.

Welcome to Chicago, John Fox.

Reaction to Friday's news that Fox had accepted general manager Ryan Pace's offer was as swift as it was wide-ranging. Players, fans, media personalities and casual observers chimed in online about Fox's worthiness, and some Chicagoans already have created odes to Soldier Field's new sideline patroler.

Chicago-area parody songwriters Mick Kahler and Al Flash whipped up one number called -- not surprisingly -- "John Fox," which fans of The Who may recognize as the melody to "Squeeze Box." Kahler and Flash also released "You Are Fired" ("Baby, Light my Fire") when the Bears canned coach Marc Trestman and general manager Phil Emery last month.

Both former Bears make a cameo in the "John Fox" video on YouTube: "Well, last year was obscene / Such a bad Bears team; We're gonna see Bear football / in 2015; Cuz he'll coach em up right / and the future is bright; Ryan hired John Fox / now we can sleep at night."

The video ends with a classic scene from the 1987 comedy "Planes, Trains and Automobiles." Steve Martin's Neal Page wakes up to discover that Del Griffith (John Candy) is spooning him, and he jumps out of bed. "You see that Bears game last week?" he asks as he makes his way to the nearest exit. "Helluva game, helluva game. Bears got a great team this year. Gonna go all the way."

Here are some of the other reactions from Friday:

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