Bulls postgame quotes: 'We have to guard Hansbrough better'

Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau

We didn't play well but in the end we did what we had to do to pull out the win.

Derrick was terrific all game. To get to the line 21 times showed his aggressiveness. He probably could've been there a lot more too. I thought we settled for too many threes offensively without attacking the paint. Defensively, we didn't get it done until late. That's something we have to correct very quickly.

That's the way it's been all year. I trust that they'll make the calls and he'll go to the line. Nineteen of 21 is very good. We got their big guys in foul trouble.

I thought they pretty much got whatever they wanted to with the ball. We have to contain penetration. Our defensive transition has to be better. We have to get back to their shooters better. We have to be more disciplined at following the plan. One effort is not enough against these guys. They're a terrific offensive team with a lot of weapons. You have to be ready to make two, three, four efforts on the same play.

You can't close short. We have to contain the ball better and protect the paint. From there, you have to close hard to the 3-point line. We didn't do that. We gave them too much air space and gave them clean looks. And they made. We have to clean that up.

We have to guard (Tyler) Hansbrough better. He's a very good 15- to 17-foot shooter. He's good at putting it on the floor and drawing fouls. He played aggressive. But it's not only on Carlos. It's on our entire team. We're capable of playing better defense. And we will.

We got the win, which is most important. Every game reveals something to you, what you've done well and things you have to correct. We know we have to play a lot better in Game 2.

Bulls' Kyle Korver

We didn't play our best for sure. We have to clean up a lot of stuff. I don't think we took them for granted or thought it was going to be an easy game. I think they just played really well and had some guys get hot.

Jo had that fast break and and-one. That was a huge free throw. He missed the free throw but it got the crowd back in. We kept on saying score, stop, score. That's what we had to do.

Bulls' Joakim Noah

A win is a win. There's no stealing. They're a tough team. Just because they're playing one against eight doesn't mean you're automatically going to win. We know we didn't play our best. It's on us to make the corrections and pick it up.

I love our team. I feel like we go through a lot of things. We went through adversity today and have all year. We just have to keep it up. I love watching Lu play like this. He's so focused right now. It adds a whole another dimension to our team.

So confident. You have no idea, K.C. Sky high. Three and a half minutes in the NBA is a long time. Basketball is a funny game. A couple bounces go your way, it changes everything.

Bulls' Derrick Rose

It was pretty physical. With me working out and lifting weights, I should be fine. But I'm feeling good. I can't wait to go eat.If anything, I knew they were going to be that way when I went to the basket. I knew they would try to be physical and put in my head that it was going to be hard getting there. I tried to keep going. Some calls I didn't get. A lot of them I did.

You're not going to get punked. I know I'm quiet, but that don't mean anything. If you're out there and think it's a dirty foul, you have to say something. If you don't, they're going to continue to do it. Luol (Deng) and a couple of my teammates did what they were supposed to do.

I wasn't hitting my outside shot. I missed every one of them. They were short. Next game, I know they're going to go in.That gave us the momentum in the last two minutes when we were making shots.

I was just trying to win. Tonight it was me making shots and making plays. Whatever it takes to win, I'm willing to do.We knew it was going to be a hard game. From the beginning, I guess we weren't prepared.

It was hard but they weren't really that hard. I wasn't holding my arm after they hit me or anything. That's why I continued to drive. I was fine with it.

Their effort was great. They made shots, the right plays. They're a good team. That's why they're in the playoffs. We know we can sharpen some things up on the defensive end.

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