Peyton Manning and Ray Lewis prepare for final matchup with plenty on the line
"If you line up 2 yards wide of the hash and your left foot is up and you blitz 80 percent of the time from that spot, he knows that," Foxworth said. "He knows everybody's position on the field, and he's basing all of his decisions at the line on projections and calculations. He's probably the best of all-time when it comes to game preparation."

Foxworth said Lewis and Reed are equally good at discerning what's real and what's for show.

"The best person I've ever been around in that respect is Ed," Foxworth said. "He just has a natural football mind where he's able to crawl inside the quarterback's brain. Ray is really smart as well, and the Ravens have been very fortunate to have those guys for so long."

Both Manning and Lewis sounded uncomfortable that so much attention was being put on their individual matchup. But it was inevitable with Lewis one loss away from the end of his distinguished career and the Ravens set to face the man that has beaten them more than anyone else.

"The thing is, it's not about facing Peyton; it's about facing the Denver Broncos," Lewis said. "Everything we've been talking about is going to play the team that has won 11 straight games. They have a very hot streak going right now. Arguably, they are the best team in football. If that's what it is, then let's line up and let's be who we are, and let's get ready to play the best team in football."


Baltimore Sun reporter Childs Walker contributed to this article

By the numbers


Ray Lewis' career record against Peyton Manning during the NFL postseason, with a 15-6 loss to the Colts in January 2007 and a 20-3 setback in January 2010


Career fumbles Lewis has forced during the postseason, tied with Neil Smith for the most in NFL history


Manning's postseason record; one more loss would tie him with Brett Favre for the most ever by a quarterback


Manning's touchdown-interception ratio in games against the Ravens, including regular season and postseason


Playoff games for Manning, one more than Lewis; Adam Vinatieri leads active players with 25


The highest tackle total in Lewis' postseason career (13 were solo), achieved in the divisional-round loss to the Colts in January 2007


Manning's career postseason passing yards; the all-time leaders are Joe Montana (5,772) and Favre (5,855)

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