Uncle Jay Explains the News

Uncle Jay has a unique and entertaining way of making today's news comprehensible to the innocent, the ignorant and the immature. Also children.

Every Monday, there's a new 3-minute video of Uncle Jay explaining the previous week's events. He keeps it simple, so even the famous people he talks about can follow along.

Back in the 90's, when Stephen Colbert was still practicing his Macarena, it was Uncle Jay who originated the "News Word of the Week" and won an Emmy on local TV.

His 2008 singing Year in Review hit number one on YouTube, receiving over 8 million views. Maybe that friend or relative who won't stop forwarding crap has already sent it to you.

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Send your news questions (with your first name and where you live) to unclejay@unclejayexplains.com. Uncle Jay can't respond to everybody, but he'll try to answer your question here or in his weekly videos, which appear here every day (new ones are posted each Monday). He may slightly re-word your question so that he sounds smarter than you.

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