Lex Luthor

Let's face it: There will never be a "Smallville" supervillain who can match Lex. He's an ordinary human (except for that killer immune system, and that brief period when he was possessed by Zod), but he's obsessed with finding out the truth about his friend Clark, aliens, meteor infections... you name it. That leads him down darker and darker paths. He creates a secret organization that experiments on metahuman Meteor Freaks, he kidnaps, blackmails, beats and destroys his rivals, he manages to create a fake pregnancy so Lana will marry him, and he kills his own father. In alternate universes, we discover that Lex will destroy the world. After years of struggle against his dark side, Lex decides he's pretty much OK with that. Nothing can stop him, not even death -- he's back in the finale, and we know he'll eventually be Superman's greatest foe. And for all his evil, we can't help but love him.
The CW
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