Renovation Questioned by Congress - (Roanoke, VA) $51 Million

The General Services Administration (GSA) has committed to a three-year, $61 million189 building renovation project, although its value has been questioned by a bipartisan group of lawmakers. The GSA's planned makeover for the Poff Federal Building in Roanoke, Va., is intended to boost the structure's energy efficiency. The plan calls for replacing the structure's roof and glass walls, installing new heating and cooling systems, installing solar panels, and refurbishing the restrooms. However, GSA adopted the plan without conducting a cost-benefit analysis, outraging Republican congressman Bob Goodlatte, one of the lawmakers opposing the project. GSA conducted an after-the-fact analysis, which found the project would save money in the long term. "I fear a whitewashing of the facts," Goodlatte said. He called the project a "boondoggle."
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