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Couch to 5k Running Podcasts Week 8

Week 8
Can you believe you've made it to week 8? Think back to when you first started this program and how far you've come. You are amazing; don't forget that. You should be incredibly proud of yourself. This week you'll be running 28 minutes straight three times (of course after your walking warm-up). The new music wasn't plentiful but there are a few new tunes to check out.
New songs include:
Matthew Dear: Don and Sherri (Hot Chip version)
Die Die Die: Blue Skies
Hood Internet: Rick Ross vs. Hercules and Love Affair (amazing song)
Hood Internet: Juvenile vs. Portishead (another amazing mashup)
Detroit 7: In The Sunshine
Hood Internet: Twista vs. Office
Hood Internet: Flo Rida vs. Hot Chip

Sexual: Tracy Young, Thaea
Download: Week 8 Couch to 5k Podcast

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