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Couch to 5k Running Podcasts Week 3

Week 3
You will be following the same routine all three days of week 3:
Start with a five minute walking warm-up. Take this time to get yourself mentally prepared and tell yourself today I'm going to go further than I did last week.
Next we'll be jogging for 90 seconds, briskly walking for 90 seconds, jogging for 3 minutes then walking for 3 minutes. We'll repeat this interval two times for a total workout of 18 minutes followed by a five minute cool down. I know that the three minutes may sound scary - trust me I do - but you can and will get through it. Take things slowly, no one needs to sprint this program.

Your musical playlist for week 3 is as follows:
Natalie Walker - Pink Neon
Phoenix - Napoleon Says
Apostle of Hustle - My Sword Hand's Anger
Lesbian on Ecstasy - Tell Me Does She Love The Bass (The Jealous Mix)
Broken Social Scene - Fire Eye'd Boy
Salme Dahlstrom - Superstar Carcrash
Young Galaxy - Come and See
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