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Couch to 5k Running Podcasts Week 1

Are you ready to get off the couch and start moving? You've come to the right place, complete with motivation and music to take your mind off of the fact that you're not in the greatest shape (which will change as you keep up with the program). The Couch to 5k training schedule eases you into preparing to run your first 5k (about 3.2 miles). It is a nine week program which, depending on your fitness level starting out, may take you a shorter or longer period of time. The key is, don't overdo it - just do it.

I've taken a fantastic program from Cool Running and created a podcast to correspond to each interval of running. By using these podcasts, you are no longer a slave to your watch, I'll tell you when to jog and when to slow it down to a brisk walk.

Week 1
You will be following the same routine all three days of week 1:
Start with a five minute walking warm-up. Take this time to get yourself mentally prepared.
After that we'll be alternating between 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 minutes. When that's done, walk it out for about five minutes and make sure to stretch!

Your musical playlist for week 1 is as follows:
Bitter:Sweet - Waking Up
Gossip - Fire Sign
Gold Chains - Hello from Eau Claire
Cut Copy - Hearts on Fire
the boy least likely to - Be Gentle with me
Deerhoof - +81
Tropical Rush - Crazy
Download: Week 1 Couch to 5k Podcast

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